Glass Animals Who?

English indie rock band, Glass Animals, is set to take the stage tomorrow night for Springfest 2018. But who are these guys really? Much more than an indie rock band, this talented foursome released various singles and a self-titled EP before their debut album, Zaba, in 2014. Packed full of psychedelic bops and groovy jams, Zaba drew in millions of listeners. With track titles like “Gooey” and “Hazey,” I’m sure you can imagine the smooth, vibey feel appealing to a wide audience.

Having dabbled in a bit of everything, these guys really are for everyone. In 2015, Glass Animals collaborated with Joey Bada$$ on “Lose Control,” the perfect song to hype up any crowd. Back at it again with a second album in 2016, How to be a Human Being showcases the group’s fearless nature and ability to pleasantly surprise their fans. I had the privilege of seeing Glass Animals at the Shrine Auditorium last September, and tracks like “Agnes” and “Pork Soda” left me with experiences and images I hope to never forget. Get ready Trojans!