USC's Rising Stars: Moontower

Moontower is a USC based band that has been curating live entertainment around Southern California for the past six months. The band has yet to release music, as they are building their following via the live shows and on Instagram to engage with their fans. 

In lieu of using a single as the avenue to debut content, the band has chosen to release a music video and call it PILOT (because a band can have a single, but no band has ever had a visual representation of their music through a "pilot episode"). Their housemate and good friend William has created the music video for the band, and also stars in it. 

In addition to launching the music video on their website on Friday February 23nd at 10PM on, the band is also throwing a music video release party at the DKA house (1140 W Adams Blvd) on Friday February 23rd at 10 PM. As it is a DKA show, all proceeds will go to charity.