UMI: Fresh New Talent in the R&B Scene

At the heart of Los Angeles, it’s no surprise that USC is home to some of the top up-and-coming artists in the industry, many underground, but also several well-recognized in the mainstream. Among these talents is one of USC’s very own first-year students, R&B/Hip-Hop artist UMI. UMI has been consistently making moves this year, dropping five singles before her four-track EP, Interlude, debuted only a couple of weeks ago.

UMI’s style is the definition of smooth; it’s almost as though Frank Ocean and Solange had a lovechild and had it create an album. Can’t sleep? You could turn on Channel Orange, but you’d almost be better off playing Interlude on loop. One of UMI’s most successful singles, “FRIENDZONE”, made it onto Spotify’s Fresh Finds Best of 2017. Not only does her music have great vocals, melodies and hooks, but the lyrics are extremely relatable to the typical college student, and even more so to the average Trojan. Songs like “Nostalgia” channel the bittersweet end to a special relationship, while “T-Shirt” and “Midnight Blues” are the epitome of the blissful period of a still-growing relationship.

At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before UMI blows up beyond the underground scene and we hear her on chill playlists across the country. If you haven’t heard her yet, you’re bound to very soon. Also, you can listen to her original music as well as some of her stellar covers here: