Brockhampton Is Redefining Boy Bands

Founded in 2015 by rapper Kevin Abstract, Brockhampton is a refreshing addition to the music industry. The group currently consists of 14 rappers, producers, art directors, and overall creative-minded members. Despite calling themselves a boy band, they're far from the typical embodiment of one. Aside from simply producing music, Brockhampton functions as a media company and potentially a record label, a feat that makes history by accomplishing something that's never been done before. Even their lyrics are contemporary in that they discuss issues of race, identity, and much more. 

Brockhampton's latest album, Saturation III, was released in December and serves as the final installment in the Saturation trilogy that prompted the group to release three albums throughout the course of 2017. Much like their other music, the album is extremely experimental, almost transcendent of traditional hip-hop. Their catchy beats, insightful lyrics, paired with the upcoming release of their fourth album, Team Effort, scheduled for this year all make Brockhampton's cutting-edge sound worth checking out if you haven't already.

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