Music By Michl

With his R&B/soul feel, Michl can get you through any homework session you choose, a rainy day, or a chill hangout with friends. I recently found Michl through Spotify radio, and can’t seem to stop listening. A few of my favorite songs by him include “When You Loved Me Least,” “Kill Our Way to Heaven,” and his most popular song, “Die Trying,” all of which are from his self-titled album that came out in 2016. Michl also recently released a single called “Out of Order,” which sounds like a mellow version of Daft Punk, slightly different from the more smooth and natural sound he has produced in the past.

If you enjoyed XYLØ at Springfest last year or are a fan of Lostboycrow, RKCB, or even Quinn XCII, I highly recommend adding Michl to your playlist. He will keep you in a groove you might not be able to shake for days. If you have already heard of Michl and are thinking of seeing him live, he will be playing in LA on January 18th.

Stream Michl on Spotify here: