I have been listening to the debut album from R&B/Soul artist KAMAU non-stop for just over a month now and the more I listen to it, the more impressed I become. The entire album from start to finish is so soulful and passionate that listening to it will put you in a completely alternate world and send chills down your spine.

KAMAUs sound is similar to that of the well respected Chance The Rapper. I would describe KAMAUs sound as a more soulful version of Chance The Rapper's singing voice but with more vocal range. A truly amazing work, ŭRTH GōLD is an album worth purchasing and listening to multiple times over. I had previously purchased an EP put out by KAMAU in 2016. From his EP to his album he has stayed true to his sound while showing impressive improvements in content and flow. I am very excited to see what KAMAU has in store for the future. Definitely an artist worth looking up if his music isn't already stuck in your head.